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Beginning with the Atkinson Residence, built while still a student at Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) in 1940, and continuing through the posthumously completed Surabaya, there are over 300 identified projects, with a majority of them realized. The following list includes all known buildings & projects culled from Rudolph's personal C.V., published lists, interviews and research. 

1950s    1960s    1970s    1980s    1990s


THE 1940’s

Atkinson Residence, Residence 1940

Mr. Ralph Twitchell Residence, Residence 1941

Mr. Alexander Harkavy Residence, Residence 1946

Mr. and Mrs. Denman Residence, Residence 1946-1947

Miller Boat House , Residence 1946

Weekend House, Student Project 1946

Mrs. Roberta Finney Guest House, Residence 1947

Goar Residence, Residence 1947

Lucienne Twitchell Residence, Residence 1947-1951

Mr. and Mrs. Miller Residence, Residence 1947-1948

Recreation Center, Public 1947-1948

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard E. Russell Residence, Residence 1947-1948

Shute Residence, Residence 1947

Steinmetz Studio, Residence 1947-1948

Lamolithic/Lambie Development, Housing 1948

Revere Development, Housing 1948

Revere Quality House, Residence 1948

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 Siegrist Residence, Residence 1948

Mr. and Mrs. Deeds Residence, Residence 1948-1949

Mr. and Mrs. Burnette Residence, Residence 1949-1950

Bennett Residence, Residence 1949-1951

Miller Guest House, Residence 1949


THE 1950’s

Healy Guest House, Residence 1950

Kerr Residence, Residence 1950-1951

Watson Residence, Residence 1950-1951

Pavilion, 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cheatham Residence, Residence 1950-1951

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Leavengood Residence, Residence 1950-1951

Good Design Exhibition of 1952, Exhibition 1951

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Knott Residence, Residence 1951

Mrs. Coward Residence, Residence 1951

Haskins Residence, Residence 1951-1952

Mrs. Kate Wheelan Cottage, Residence 1951

Maehlman Guest House, Residence 1951-1952

Rubin Residence, Residence 1951-1953

Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Walker Residence, Residence 1951

Haywood Apartments, Housing 1952-1953

Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Walker Guest Residence, Residence 1952-1953

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Mr. and Mrs. Ingram Hook Guest Residence, Residence 1952-1953

Sanderling Beach Club, Leisure and Sport 1952-1953

Floating Islands, Leisure and Sport 1952-1953

S.A.E. Fraternity House for the University of Miami, FL, Residence 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Siegrist Residence, Residence 1953

Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Burgess Residence, Residence 1953-1954

Stroud & Boyd Development Residence 1953

Bourne Residence, Residence 1953

Davis Residence, Residence 1953-1954

Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen Residence, Residence 1953-1955

Mrs. Wilson Residence, Residence 1953-1954

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hiss Residence, Residence 1953-1954

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Residence, Residence 1953

New Embassy for the United States Dept. of State, Amman, Jordan, Government 1954

Tastee Freez, Commercial 1954

Mr. Alex Miller Residence, Residence 1954

Family of Man Exhibit, Exhibition 1954

Jewett Arts center for Wellesley College, Academic 1955

Sarasota-Brandenport Airport, Transportation 1955-1956

Mr. Sewell C. Biggs Residence, Residence 1955-1956

Experimental School for the Plywood Association, Academic 1955

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cerritto Residence, Residence 1955

Stinnett Residence, Residence 1955-1956

Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Taylor Residence, Residence 1955-1956

Model House Representing the Southeast, Housing 1955

Four Model Houses for the Women's Home Companion, Housing 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Applebee Residence, Residence 1956

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Office Building for the Bramlett Equipment Company, Office 1956

St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Public 1956

Inter-American Center, Exhibition 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Yanofsky Residence, Residence 1956

Public Beach Development, Leisure and Sport 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Residence, Residence 1956

Donut Stand, Commercial 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Burkhardt Residence, Residence 1956-1957

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Deering Residence, Residence 1956-1958

Riverview Junior/Senior High School, Academic 1957-1958

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harkavy Residence, Residence 1957-1958

Blue Cross-Blue Shield Building, Office 1957

Greeley Memorial Laboratory for Yale Forestry School , Academic 1957

Mr. Guy Martin Residence, Residence 1957

Sarasota High School, Academic 1958-1960

Art and Architecture Building for Yale University, Academic 1958

Church Street Redevelopment Project, Masterplanning 1958

Mr. and Mrs. George McCandlish Residence, Residence 1958

 Master Plan for Tuskegee Institute, Masterplanning 1958

Mr. and Mrs. Ambler Liggett Residence, Residence 1958

Parking Garage for 1,500 Automobiles, Transportation 1959

May Memorial Unitarian Church, Public 1959

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Milam Residence, Residence 1959-1961


THE 1960’s

Married Student Housing for Yale University, Residence 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Friedberg Residence, Residence 1960

Interdenominational Chapel for Tuskegee Institute, Religious 1960

Administration Building for Tuskegee Institute, Academic 1960

O'Brien's Motor Inn, Commercial 1960

Vacation House for Women's Day Magazine, Residential 1960

Pharmaceutical Laboratory/Office/Manufacturing Building for ENDO Laboratories,Office/Industrial 1960

Lake Region Yacht and Country Club, Leisure and Sport 1960

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Daisley Residence, Residence 1960

Theme Center for New York World's Fair "Galaxon", Exhibition 1960

Cultural Center for Tuskegee Institute, Culture 1960

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity House, Residence 1960

Additional Office Facilities and Cafeteria for CIBA Pharmaceutical Company, Office/Industrial 1961

Kappa Sigma Fraternity House, Residence 1961

Manager's Office for Parking Authority, City of New Haven, CT, Transportation 1961

The Ideal Theatre for Ford Foundation Program in Humanities and the Arts, Culture 1961

Holgate Restaurant, Commercial 1961

Mr. and Mrs. N. Leslie Silvas Residence, Residence 1961

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wallace Residence, Residential 1961

Addition to Juvenile Detention Home, Government 1961

Paul Rudolph Townhouse, Residential 1961

Research, Office and Manufacturing Facilities for IBM Corporation, Office/Industrial 1962

Master Plan and Library for the Guilford Free Library Association, Masterplan/Culture 1962

Crawford Manor Housing for the Elderly for the New Haven Housing Authority, Housing 1962

The Hotchkiss School, Academic 1962

Design of Mental Health Building for Boston Government Service Center, Government 1962

Christian Science Organization Building, Religious 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bostwick Residence, Residence 1962

Residence for Peter Schub, Residence 1962

New County Office and Court House Building, Government 1963

New Campus for Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute, Masterplan/Academic 1963

Creative Arts Center, Academic 1963

Beneficent House, Weybosset Hill Housing, Housing 1963

City Hall for Syracuse, Government 1964

Paul Rudolph Architectural Office, Office 1964

John W. Chorley Elementary School, Academic 1964

International Bazaar for the International Area of the Interama Project, Commercial 1964

Callahan Residence, Residence 1965

New Art Building for the Manoa Campus, Academic 1965

Mr. Stanley Kinney Residence, Residence 1965

Master Plan, Auditorium, Dormitories, Laboratories, Instruction and Recreation Facilities for East Pakistan

Agricultural University, Masterplan/Academic 1966

Master Plan, Town Houses, Apartments, Hotel, Boatel and Commercial Buildings for Resort Community,

Stafford Harbor, Masterplan/Housing 1966

Sid Bass Physical Sciences Building for Texas Christian University, Academic 1966

Monteith College Center for Wayne State University, Academic 1966

Mr. Alexander Hirsch Residence, Residence 1966

Master Plan and Three Office Buildings for Brookhollow Corporation, Commercial 1966

John Jay Park for the Department of Parks, Recreation 1966

Master Plan, Northwest #1 Urban Renewal Area, Masterplan/Housing 1966

Apartment House, Community Center and Shopping Center, Northwest #1 Urban Renewal Area,

Masterplan/Housing 1966

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Caspi Residence, Residence 1966

Addition to Beth El Synagogue, Religious 1966

Graphic Arts Center, Housing 1967

Married Student Housing for the University of Virginia, Academic 1967

Ford Foundation grant to study the Lower Manhattan Expressway in "New Forms of the Evolving City",

Masterplan/Housing 1967

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Parcells Residence, Residence 1967

Mr. Robert Brown Residence, Residence 1967

Dr. Nathan Shore Dental Offices, Office 1967

Three Parks and playgrounds for the Department of Parks, Recreation 1967

Mrs. Henry J. Kaiser Residence, Residence 1967

Endo Laboratories, Office 1967

Apartment Building for the New York City Housing Authority, Housing 1967

Apartment Building for the New York City Housing Authority, Housing 1967

Fox Hill Development for the DeMatteis Development Company, Housing 1967

Tracey Towers, Housing 1967

Oriental Gardens, Housing 1968

Student Union for the Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute, Academic 1968

Stadium for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Recreation 1968

Housing for Magnolia Homes, Housing 1968

Government Center including new City Hall, library, plaza, police station, bank, Federal office building and

garage, Government 1968

Fort Lincoln Housing for the District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency, Housing 1968

Mr. Herbert Green Residence, Residence 1968

Study of the uses of extruded cement asbestos for United States Plywood 1968

Church and related facilities for First Church, Religious 1968

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raich Residence, Residence 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Arne Lewis Residence, Residence 1969

Burroughs Wellcome Company (USA) Corporate Headquarters , Office 1969

Central Library for the City of Niagara Falls, Culture 1969

Waterfront Development Project for the New York State Urban Development Corporation,

 Masterplan/Housing 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chadwick Pistell Residence, Residence 1969

Natural Science Building for the State University College at Purchase, Academic 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles Residence, Residence 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Deane Residence, Residence 1969


THE 1970’s

725 Units of Public Housing for the New York State Urban Development Corporation, Housing 1970

Ten Apartment Towers for the DeMatteis Development Company, Housing 1970

Site Selection for a Civic Center for the Rockford Metropolitan Exhibition, Auditorium and Office Building

Authority Culture, 1970

Central Suffolk Office Park , Office 1970

Mr. and Mrs. Sid R. Bass Residence, Residence 1970

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Shuey Residence, Residence 1970

Mr. and Mrs. Maurits Edersheim Residence, Residence 1970

Civic Center for the Rockford Metropolitan Exhibition, Auditorium and Office Building Authority, Culture


Urban Complex for the K. & S. Fakhri Brothers Office 1971

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dweck Residence, Residence 1971

Daiei House & Company Office Building, Office 1971

Mr. and Mrs. William Davidson Residence, Residence 1971

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Elman Apartment, Residence 1971

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Micheels Residence, Residence 1972

Mr. and Mrs. John Pilsbury Residence, Residence 1972

Entrecanales y Tavora Office Building, Office 1972

Community Facilities Complex for the New York State Urban Development Corporation, Housing 1972

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Rogers Residence, Residence 1972

Mr. Maurits Edersheim Office for Drexel, Burnham & Company, Office 1972

Staten Island Community College Building, Academic 1972

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Staller Residence, Residence 1973

East Northport Jewish Center Synagogue Addition and Masterplan, Culture 1973

Housing for 200 Students for Davidson College, Housing 1973

3,500 Dwelling Units for the Carol Housing Corporation, Housing 1973

Mrs. Joanna Steichen Apartment, Residential 1973

Pitts Theological Library Renovation for the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Culture


Apartment Hotel for the Pan-Lon Engineering & Construction Company Housing 1974

Mr. Neil C. Morgan Residence, Residence 1974

Morgan Annex Housing Study for the New York State Urban Development Corporation, Housing 1974

Recreation Complex for the New York State Urban Development Corporation, Recreation/Leisure 1974

"Aston Magna" Renovation, Residence 1974

Mr. Gary Strutin Residence, Residence 1975

Miss. Nancy Houston Residence, Residence 1975

Cannon Chapel at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Culture 1975

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bernhard Residence Addition, Residence 1976

Burroughs Wellcome Company Headquarters Addition, Office 1976

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fein Residence Addition, Residence 1977

Paul Rudolph Penthouse - Beekman Place, Residence 1977

Dr. Benjamin Vallo Residence, Residence 1978

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young Residence, Residence 1978

Tuskegee Institute Master Plan and College Entrance, Masterplanning 1978

Harrington Cancer Care Center, Office 1978

Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Carrillo Residence, Residence 1978

Residential & Commercial Complex for the Donald Zucker Company, Housing 1978

Dance Studio and Apartments in the Northeast, Housing 1978

Toxicology/Experimental Pathology Building for the Burroughs Wellcome Company, Office 1978

Mr. and Mrs. Dani Siegel Residence Remodeling, Residence 1978

 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zucker Residence Remodeling, Residence 1978

Marina Center Urban Development Sites for Hong Fok Investment Holdings Private Ltd., Housing 1979

Two Office Buildings and Parking for Bass Brothers Enterprises, Office 1979

Palmer Road Complex for Hong Fok Investment Holdings Private Ltd., Housing 1979

74 Unit Apartment Building for Hong Fok Investment Holdings Private Ltd., Housing 1979


THE 1980’s

The Colonnade Condominiums for the Pontiac Land Private Ltd., Housing 1980

Ten Bungalows for the Hong Fok Investment Holding Company, Ltd., Housing 1980

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kwee Residence, Residence 1980

Corporate Headquarters for the Electronic Data Systems Corporation, Office 1980

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Downs Residence, Residence 1980

Offices for Mr. Stanley Marsh III, Office 1980

Television Station for Mr. Stanley Marsh III, Culture 1980

Coffee Memorial Blood Bank, Office 1981

Oxley Rise Condominium Housing for the Hong Fok Investment Pte., Ltd., Housing 1981

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sherman Residence Alteration and Addition, Residence 1981

Office and Shopping Complex for the Hong Fok Investment Pte., Ltd., Office 1981

Cambridge Research and Development Group - Office Alteration, Office 1981

Wisma Dharmala Sakti Office Headquarters, Office 1982

Burroughs Wellcome Company - South Building Expansion, Office 1982

Master Plan for the Burroughs Wellcome Company, Masterplan 1982

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edersheim Residence Alterations, Residence 1982

Residence for Beverly Park Estates Residence, 1982

General Daniel "Chappie" James Center for Aerospace Science and Health Education, Academic 1982

Mr. Michael Floersheim and Dr. Strauss Residence, Residence 1983

Mr. John B. Rogers Residence Addition, Residence 1983

Research Laboratory for Bristol-Myers, Office 1983

Dr. and Mrs. Hillel Tobias Residence Remodeling, Residence 1983

Mr. and Mrs. Eisner Residence Remodeling, Residence 1984

Science Building for the Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute, Academic 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glazer Residence, Residence 1984

Mr. and Mrs. George Pavarini Residence, Residence 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Tuttle Residence, Residence 1984

The Bond Centre Office and Commercial Building, Office 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Licht Residence Addition and Alteration, Residence 1985

Macy's Department Store, Commercial 1985

Macy's Department Store, Commercial 1985

Fisher Island Hotel and Condominiums, Housing 1985

Mr. Cheng Wai Keung Residence, Residence 1986

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Murphy Residence, Residence 1986

Blue Cross-Blue Shield Building Addition, Office 1986

Mr. Bert Dweck Residence Addition Residence, 1986

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Engel Residence Renovation and Addition, Residence 1986

Mr. Richard Treistman Residence Renovation and Addition, Residence 1986

Institution Hill Housing Development for the Pontiac Land Private Ltd., Housing 1987

Modulightor Inc. Commercial Office, Showroom and Manufacturing Facility, Commercial 1988

Exhibition for the Steelcase Design Partnership, Exhibition 1988

Apartment Building with Plaza for 32nd Street Southeast Company, Housing 1989

 U.S. Courthouse and Federal Municipal Office Building, Office 1989

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edersheim Residence Addition, Residence 1989

Mr. Mark Edersheim Office at Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc., Office 1989

Renovation of Commercial Office and Apartment Building, Office/Housing 1989

Office Building for the Sino Land Company, Ltd., Commercial 1989


THE 1990’s

Cikini Office Building for The Dharmala Group, Office 1990

Gatot Subroto Office Building for The Dharmala Group, Office 1990

Surabaya Hotel and Office Building for The Dharmala Group, Office 1990

A New Town for 250,000 People - Pantai Timur Surabaya Town for The Dharmala Group, Masterplan 1990

"International Building" Office and Commercial Building for the Hong Fok Corporation Office 1990

"Medical Building" Office Building for the Pontiac Land Private Ltd. Office 1990

Harrington Cancer Care Center for the Panhandle Area Cancer Council Office 1990

"Waduk Melati" Urban Development Project Masterplan 1990

Mr. Wee Ee Chao Residence Residence 1990

Wireless Road Office 1990

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edersheim Residence - Front Addition Residence 1991

Addition to Office Building in Dallas, Texas for Mr. Sjukur Pudjiadi of Jakarta, Indonesia Office 1991

Design Project for Petrafina, Inc. Office 1991

Mr. Manny Fox and Ms. Cinda Firestone Residence Residence 1991

George and Cynthia Marks Renovation Residence 1992

Chapel for Maris Stella University Religious 1993

Dr. and Mrs. David Eu Residence Residence 1994

Mr. Jonathan Formanek Residence, Residence 1994

Mrs. Donald Engel Pavilion, Residence 1994

Mr. Ernst Wagner Residence, Residence 1994

Addition to The Concourse Office Tower, Office 1994

Luxury Apartment Complex for Mr. Wee Ee Chao, Housing 1994

Surabaya Office Building for The Dharmala Group, Office 1994

Office for Mr. Mark Edersheim , Smith Barney, Office 1994

Lobby Renovation for Claridge's, Housing 1994

Mr. Edmund Chang Residence, Residence 1995

Proposed Tower Complex for Gedung University, Academic 1995

Office for Special Counsel Office 1995

Tuskegee Master Plan



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